She is the princess of card kingdom.


Princess Poker

Specie: Humanoid

Age:28 years

Fullname: Poker Card Game

Favourite colours: Red and black

Nickname: The lady of the cards

Afiliation: Antihero

Voice: Mirabelle Kirkland

Height: 1,80 m

Weight: 60 kilos

Poker is the enemy of princess Peach and is a friend of the king koopa, she understands he, she loves Mario and Bowser loves princess Peach.

Her first appearance was in a Beautiful girls game, like a non playable character, finally, she said that she want

to be Mario's girlfriend.


Poker is generally lonely, serious and cold, but sometimes she is friendly.


She wear a black long hair and a oval face with a big red eyes.


She wear a dress design like princess Peach but red and without gemstone and a silver tiara with a red ruby.